Our Services

Aqua-Guard Management is a full-service swimming pool management company. We manage over 65 swimming pools in the Chicagoland area for apartment, town home, and condominium associations. Our mission is to provide the most efficient, cost effective and high quality pool care for our customers.

To meet our customer's needs, we offer a variety of different service plans for all sizes of commercial and community swimming pools (i.e. waterparks to whirl pools). These plans range from comprehensive pool management solutions to various daily cleaning and maintenance options. We can also customize a plan to meet your organization's specific needs. Details of our services are highlighted below.

Management Contract

  • Prepare pool(s) for opening
  • Drain and clean pool, if needed
  • Prepare pool for closing/winter
  • Complete daily pool maintenance & cleaning
  • Perform pump room maintenance & complete repairs
  • Provide pool chemicals to maintain water clarity and sanitation
  • Manage & staff swimming pools with lifeguards and/or pool attendants
  • Pay all payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance premiums
  • Validate pool membership and check guest passes
  • Provide 24-hour emergency repair services
  • Advise of and assist with budgeting for capital improvements
  • Conduct off season/winter maintenance
  • Ensure Health Department compliance

Other Available Services

  • Newly pool construction takeover
  • Conduct swimming lessons and aerobic classes
  • Pool furniture sales and repair
  • Pool equipment and chemical sales
  • Pump installation, repair and replacement
  • Installation and repair of all filter types
  • Renovating filtration systems
  • Tile and coping repair and/or replacement
  • Draining and acid washing of pools
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Winterizing of pool plumbing
  • Painting and plastering
  • Pool cover installation and removal
  • Underwater pool lighting and repair
  • Caulking and concrete repair
  • Installation of chemical controllers and feeders
Apartment Complex Pool

For more information on our various service opportunities, please contact us at info@aquaguardmanagement.com or request a quote online. We are committed to opening your pool on time, operating it efficiently throughout the season and closing it with care.